We are moving!

We will be moving our business location in Hamburg, Germany to a new address. As from November 4, 2019 our office address will change.

JEFTA Freihandelsabkommen EU-Japan – Chancen und Vermeidung von Risiken

JEFTA Economic Partnership Agreement – chances and how to avoid risks The Economic partnership agreement or colloquially JEFTA (Japan-EU Free Trade Agreement) is a free trade and investment protection agreement between Japan and European Union which went live Feb 1st 2019. The main goals are: Removing trade barriers To design rules and standards that ensure […]

The term of delivery Incoterm® 2010 DDP

Term of delivery Incoterm 2010 DDP Dear Valued Customer, As regards the term of delivery Incoterm® 2010 DDP (Place of Destination), there are still uncertainties time and again regarding its correct practice. For that reason we provide detailed information about the accurate usage and the legal effect. We hope we could eliminate ambiguity and simplify […]