Inventory Management

Inventory management encompasses everything that has to do with managing the flow of goods in your business. It's important to keep an eye on your stock and take timely action. MOL Logistics can help you with smart inventory management. For both high and low turnover rates a large or small number of items. We take care of the right management!

Always and everywhere insight into your current stock.

Do you know what is in your warehouse? Do you want to keep enough goods in stock but don't have the space? Sometimes you can use a little help. That's why you should choose MOL Logistics as your partner for warehousing and stock management. Through our advanced online system, you can monitor all your orders, including the current status of each shipment. In addition, each product is visible with its serial number and batch number. This way you keep your flow of goods under control with the help of reliable data.

Order status via our warehouse management system

When MOL Logistics manages your stock, our warehouse management system gives you insight not only into your static stock, but also into all warehouse activities. This way, you can see for each order whether it has already been picked, is ready for shipment or is even on its way. The monitoring then seamlessly transitions to the status change of the shipment up to and including the time of delivery of the goods. From the warehouse to the end consumer, your overview is complete.

Accurate and essential counts

You receive important signals for critical stocks at the right time. In this way, you can order new stock in good time, your orders do not stand still and your customers find out why they are asking. Among other things, MOL Logistics stands out for its high stock accuracy. This is thanks to our powerful warehouse management system, which closely monitors all stages of inventory. Part of this is counting (a portion of) your inventory on a regular basis. If you appreciate this, we can also do this together with your own employees.

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