Online transport.

Convenience serves people, including you as a business owner. Booking your transport instantly online saves you time, paper and telephone costs. By sending your transport orders electronically, you reduce waiting time while we can start your shipment immediately. Your shipping information reaches our system securely, quickly and clearly.

Do you also strive for speed and convenience?

Book your shipments online!

Through our website you can easily register road transport. A quick and easy way to book your shipment. The data you enter is sent directly to the MOL Logistics system. After placing the order, you will receive an email confirmation with the reference number and the summary of the shipment. Then we will start booking immediately.

Sea freight and air freight: customer service
For ocean and air freight, our customer service teams give you access to the rest of the world. They can support your business with all your ocean freight or air freight needs. Whether you are looking for a guide price or want to know more about specific lead times. They are happy to guide you into the challenging world of logistics where creative thinking is important. This is to keep costs as low as possible for you, the customer. At MOL Logistics we have the knowledge to do this!

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