Edi Electronic Data Interchange.

Digitalization continues to conquer the world. Where telephone, fax and mail used to make up the bulk of communication, we can no longer smooth out email and the internet. In transport and logistics, this mainly affects the way you and your customers order and deliver goods. Time for a new, efficient way of doing business: Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) helps us!

Fast processing leads to time and cost savings.

Quality improvement of the delivery
In the production and distribution of goods, the chain consists of many links before a product reaches its final destination. The use of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) provides a standardized solution for the exchange of messages between partners in the logistics chain. For example, we offer several applications for electronic order exchange. These applications range from EDI messages in the form of flat files, Edifact, Odette, VDA to automatic reading of spreadsheets. Because we manage this type of data exchange in-house, we can customize it to fit your business and systems. That makes it even easier!

Fast processing leads to time and cost savings
Speed is an indispensable and essential component of success today. It benefits your business in more ways than one. For example, consider shortening lead times or delivering new products. The associated market advantages can have a significant impact on your profits and margins. Electronic data interchange gives your employees the tools to be more productive and reduce overhead costs. Shorter lead times mean shorter lead times and lower inventory costs.

Accurate transfer of your business documents
The exchange of traditional paper documents requires the transfer of information by means of transcription or data entry. Such information transfer can lead to errors in the process. Exchanging your business documents via EDI leads to a lower susceptibility to errors and an even higher level of customer satisfaction. Electronically forwarded orders no longer need to be manually entered into the logistics system. This reduces the workload of your administrative staff and the likelihood of manual (typing) errors is much lower. This contributes to efficiency in your company.

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