Logistics solutions for high-tech & electronics

Dynamic high-tech companies need high-tech logistics solutions. Whether you supply (consumer) electronics, computer equipment, electronic components, telecommunications or semiconductors, your company also has to deal with shorter life cycles, lower product prices and extensive globalization. And that places high demands on your business: Research and development costs are rising, while you must cut other costs to remain competitive. This can present a number of challenges, especially for sensitive and high-quality products.

Flexibility and security for your high-quality products.

Because can you handle the high throughput rate and still not stock too many or too few products? Do you have enough staff to perform quality checks when needed? Or do you not have enough storage space due to the many options and possibilities you want to offer your customers?

At MOL Logistics we are happy to help you professionally with these and other logistical challenges. We think of cost-effective, flexible and secure supply chain solutions to meet the needs of your market. Fast delivery times, secure intermodal transportation and sophisticated warehouse management are just a few examples of the services we provide to high-tech and electronics manufacturers and distributors. This allows you to stay focused on developing and bringing new products to market.


Quick answers and quotations from our customer service teams. They advise you on the most suitable transport solution for your high-tech products.


Support in carrying out quality checks, for example during busy periods. This way you can focus on your own activities instead of things like labelling, (re)packaging and tagging.


You don't pay top dollar for urgent (re)delivery of parts. Thanks to an intelligent network of vans and trucks, the whole of Europe is accessible for large and small quantities.

Quickly at the destination

Due to the high demands of fast and reliable delivery, you can start with high costs. Or against uncertainty: Are parts or products currently available to your customer or are they still waiting? With a network of vans and trucks, we are available throughout Europe for the careful shipment of your high-tech products. Whether it is a transport from Germany to Portugal or from England to Spain: We know the shortest way. And the fastest! Because sometimes the delivery is really in a hurry and a transport with two drivers can be delivered in the shortest time. And for that you certainly do not pay the main price with us.

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Assistance with customs activities

Complicated formalities for the import, export and transit of your high-tech goods or electronics? This can cause a lot of stress and is not necessary at all. We can help you apply for export permits or licenses required to send or receive certain electronic products. Including the paper flows and tax issues involved. In addition, we can act as your tax agent for imports. In this case, we take care of the customs clearance of the goods, the VAT payment and the related administration.

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Quality control

Not only do you need safety and quality when launching new products, this can also occur later in the life cycle of your products. For example, consider performing quality checks during recalls, product adaptations or the delivery of (modified) parts. To meet your demanding requirements, we offer a wide range of value-added and technical services for electronic products. In our warehouse, we guarantee the safety of your products through camera surveillance, sprinkler systems and access control. In addition, we work to procedures through our ISO certification, so you can be assured of a fixed level of service.

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