Logistics solutions for Chemicals

Chemical products are often at the beginning of the production process, which is why demand is high. Whether it's a can of deodorant, coatings, a plastic cup, carpet rolls or a can of paint: All have their origins in chemicals. This leads to large volumes of transport by road, on board aircraft and in container ships.

Careful and safe solutions for the chemical industry.

Working with chemicals requires special attention from you as a manufacturer, importer or distributor. Can chemical products or raw materials be transported by any means? Do customs inspect these products additionally and what formalities do you have to arrange? What is the safest packaging for transporting your chemicals? Do you remember when it comes to logistics? Or do you save on transport costs when importing or exporting chemicals because you don't know exactly what the regulations are?

We've all seen the news stories where something went wrong in the transport of chemicals. Where the safety of people, the environment and goods was at stake. We want to prevent this by being smart about safety and care. By not only complying with strict laws and regulations, but also going the extra mile and taking care of your concerns when organizing transportation. To do this, we have access to a worldwide network of partners for the storage and transport of chemicals and hazardous goods.


Qualified internal specialists support you with questions regarding customs matters, import and export as well as storage options for chemical products.


Access to a quality network for storage and transport of chemicals where we can provide independent advice.


Careful quality controls, assistance with the security of consignments and additional services such as labelling, (re)packaging, marking and labelling with the required data.

Safe transport of chemicals

Do you have the right paperwork for transporting chemical products? Or do you always use a standard document for this so that you regularly encounter transport delays? Does your current forwarder have the right paperwork for transporting dangerous goods? Doubts and negligence actually increase the risk of accidents, and that is not necessary at all! Our logistics experts will arrange the transportation of your chemicals. Whether by air, sea, inland waterway, road or rail, we choose the party with the necessary permits to get the substances and materials to their destination.

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The right packaging is essential for the safe transport of chemicals. But what do you do if something is wrong with the packaging? Do you dare your employees to pack or relabel hazardous substances? Or do you prefer to rely on the specialists of MOL Logistics, as various clients already do? Our customs specialists can also assist you with questions regarding mandatory forms and we can act as your tax representative. All the more reason to choose MOL Logistics as your creative partner and increase your global reach.

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Reliable distribution

Call your file of regular carriers to find a party that can pick up and deliver as soon as possible? If you quickly forget to exchange the correct data, the collected substances may no longer be allowed to transport them. You are at a loss ... Fortunately, we can solve this situation for you. With close-knit distribution and fast delivery times throughout Europe. And if it is really necessary, also for very cheap urgent transports. Supported by our online track & trace module. Because we realize that nothing is more annoying than a customer who keeps calling where the chemicals are ...

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