Customs activities and documentation: let us support you

Customs authorities worldwide have a large number of tasks and responsibilities appointed to them. One of the most important tasks is to collect import duties, levies and taxes. If the associated formalities are not handled correctly, you may face some large issues with these customs authorities.

Advice and support for all customs related matters

How much import duties should be paid? Do the same rules apply for all the countries you are trading with? Which rules or regulations apply to your products specifically? Just contact your local customs specialists at MOL Logistics Germany. All specialists can advise and support you with all customs related matters. You can be assured of compliance with all import and export processes. MOL Logistics Germany is your reliable partner for accurate customs clearance!

Support for all documents for import, export and transit


Smooth customs activities ensure a fast and efficient processing of your shipments


Possibilities for customs bonded storage and cashflow benefits

Need support with your customs issues and activitie

We can help you or arrange all formalities regarding import, export and transit of your products. Our in-house specialists assist you with all VAT issues related to the import and export process. Or support you in filing the right documents and formalities. We also take care of all formalities and the needed support.

Customs warehouse

Storing goods without customs clearance and duty unpaid is one of the options MOL Logistics Germany offers you. An open customs warehouse with a storage area of approximately 2.300 m2 is available in Frankfurt for this purpose. Goods are not subject to import duties while being stored. This means that you are able to optimise your cash flow. Taxes and customs duties are only imposed once the goods are actually imported. An additional advantage: goods stored in the customs warehouse are not subject to commercial policy measures. Import licenses and control documents are initially not required to be submitted. Would you like to know more? Just contact your MOL Logistics offices in Germany.

Customs clearance

When handling logistics activities, it is essential to carefully check precise adherence to customs specifications, MOL Logistics Germany takes on all customs services required for its customers. This includes import customs clearance, export declarations, import sales tax declaration and statistical declarations required for EU trade. And can also expect additional customs services such as customs documentation or customs clearance using the ATLAS and NCTS systems.

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