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Your customer calls: A parcel with spare parts should be in Asia today, but has not arrived yet. Meanwhile, another customer in the US is waiting for a package with your products that was supposed to arrive yesterday. Meeting these challenges from your customers will cost you a lot of time. Not to mention the stress it creates.

Competitive prices with excellent service

Especially if you have to transport a lot of (smaller) parcel deliveries worldwide. Which parcel service should you choose? Does your current parcel service fulfill the desired service to your main worldwide destinations? Make it easier for your company and your colleagues: contact your local MOL Logistics office in Germany!

For your worldwide parcel shipments, MOL Logistics Germany works with most major and trusted partners such as DHL, FedEx, UPS and TNT. By consolidating many shipments, you will enjoy the benefits of competitive pricing combined with excellent service. This includes same day, next day, just-in-time or delivery at a specific time. We assign the right partner at the right time. All shipments are handled with the necessary attention and delivered as requested. In case your shipments are less urgent you can rely on a suitable economic solution.


Dispatch of all business parcels worldwide


Our team will recommend the best solution for the particular shipment of your parcels


Benefit from the ideal mix of speed and best price

Worldwide parcel delivery

There are a variety of options for shipping your packages worldwide. Are you able to choose the right alternative for the fastest delivery or the best rate for the respective destination? If you use the parcel service of MOL Logistics Germany you do not have to deal with these issues every time. We will take care of it!

Simple and convenient parcel shipping

Sending and monitoring a large number of packages to your trading partners or customers can be very complicated. It's time-consuming to monitor which package needs to be picked up and delivered when. It is also time consuming when the carriers or parcel services visit you several times a day. To take the pressure off you we can collect all finished deliveries at agreed times. Depending on your requirements this can be daily or weekly. This way your staff can concentrate on sales and preparation of shipments.

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Mixture of quality and attractive prices

Have you had experiences with delays or damages? Sometimes it is a high risk to send your valuable goods with the cheapest parcel service. That is why we check the reliability and service level of these parcel services. Certainly, damages cannot be completely excluded. But MOL Logistics Germany will prevent this as much as possible by cooperating with good quality parcel services. This way you can rely on the right mix of quality and attractive price.

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