Supply Chain Services to strengthen your business

Global logistics leads to complex challenges. Many companies struggle to make their transport and logistics processes as efficient as possible. How does your company manage the global movement of goods?

Monitor and refine your transport flows

Have you been able to reduce costs and efforts by combining different activities? Are you able to optimize and control the transports when it is possible or necessary? As a third party logistics provider we select and monitor the service providers for you. Together with you we determine how transit times and transport costs can be reduced. Make sure you use your transport and logistics segment to optimize your business.


Save valuable time by outsourcing your transports, warehousing and logistics


Get additional insights and information through helpful online tools


Additional service to simplify your business: support with packaging, safety checks and quality checks

Supply Chain Solutions

Every business has its own requirements and challenges, especially when it also involves transport and logistics. The specific requirements can be integrated into your processes. One of the solutions can be the digital transmission of orders via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). In order to permanently support you in optimizing your supply chain, our local employees are trained to respond to your individual wishes and requirements.

Additional value creation processes

Are you looking for support with other requirements in addition to transport and storage? Your local MOL Logistics team in Germany will accompany you and relieve your own staff with necessary tools or expertise. For example: labelling, creation of barcodes, checks and serial number control. Our employees pick orders with all necessary packaging: Pallets, outer packaging (sets, rolls) or even per piece. We are happy to assist you with the flow of incoming and outgoing goods as well as with inventory management, product modifications and repackaging.

Is your transport & logistics up-to-date?

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Your personal support team

For the integration of your transports, warehousing and other logistics processes, you can contact one of the MOL Logistics offices in Germany. A wide range of information and online tools are available to keep you up to date. And more importantly, you will receive the personal attention of our colleagues. Just contact us if you have any questions or need assistance. You can fully concentrate on your business and your customers!

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