Transport of cells or batteries - UN 38.3 test summary

Manufacturers and subsequent distributors of cells or batteries manufactured after 30 June 2003 must provide the test summary set out in the UN Manual of Tests and Criteria Part III, subsection 38.3, paragraph 38.3.5. The test summary must be provided from 1 January 2020.

Source: ICAO T.I. Part 2, Chapter 9 (2; 9.3 g) resp. IATA DGR Lithium Batteries

If you are a responsible consignor (natural or legal person) of lithium cells/batteries, including those that are already installed in devices, this means for you:


As the responsible shipper under the applicable regulations, you must ensure that the lithium cells/batteries being shipped have successfully passed the UN Test Series 38.3.


The test summary must be available to you before you offer such a consignment for carriage by air. According to the regulations of ADR / RID / ADN g you need this test summary already in the run-up to air transport.


As an attachment to the Shipper's Declaration (DGD), the inspection summary does not have to accompany the consignment. By signing the Shipper's Declaration, the shipper confirms ("I declare that all of the applicable air transport requirements have been met.") that he has the Test Summary. However, it must be made available on request to any natural or legal person involved in the supply chain, such as regulatory authorities or transport service providers (here: airlines or their handling agents).

The following is an extract from the Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods, "United Nations Manual of Tests and Criteria" ST/SG/AC.10/11/Rev.6/Amend.1

38.3.5 Summary of the lithium cell and battery test
The following summary of the tests shall be made available for inspection:
Summary of the lithium cell and battery test in accordance with subsection 38.3 of the Manual of Tests and Criteria.
The following information shall be provided in this audit summary:

a. Name of the cell, battery or product manufacturer, if available;
b. Contact information for the manufacturer of the cells or batteries, including address, telephone number, email address and website for further information;
c. Name of the testing laboratory with address, telephone number, e-mail address and website for further information;
d. A unique identification number for the test report;
e. Date of the audit report;
f. Description of the cell or battery, which shall include at least: i. Lithium ion or lithium metal cell or battery;
ii. Mass;
iii. Watt-hour rate or lithium content;
iv. Physical description of the cell/battery; and
v. Model numbers.
g. List of tests performed and results (e.g. pass/fail);
h. Where applicable, reference to battery testing requirements, e.g. 38.3.3 (f) and 38.3.3 (iii.);
i. Reference to the revised edition of the Manual of Tests and Criteria that have been used and any changes thereto; and
j. Signature with the name and title of the signatory as proof of the validity of the information provided.


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